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  1. peter hall says:

    you talk of turnaround of weeks for an id book…………what a joke , my 2nd attempt was 26/2. no end of chasing no replies but it has been” at the printer in pretoria “for months. have mailed , faxed, Home affairs the Minister too, but never a reply. This is through the absolute shower in London
    Sa is the loser , no ID no bank a/c is the story–i arrive shortly to pick up a 7 figure inheritance, quite a few, no a/c means it will all go out the land , would dearly love to buy a holiday house like i had on west coast–but if this is how an investor is treated, and i have tried to explain the situation,my funds will fly OTU peter

  2. Hi,

    I tried to subscribe but I see only a page of garbled letters. Help! I use Google Chrome ????

    I’d be thrilled if I could receive all your posts – you have my email address above.

  3. Hi Jacoba. Must be a Chrome problem, I’ll have my dev check it out, thanks. Did you try and subscribe to an RSS feed?

  4. Michelle Bradshaw says:

    Hey, How do I book a dinner? Any contact no?

  5. I’m guessing this is for The Mess restaurant? This is from their website:

    “Mess is pop-up restaurant, every Thursday or Friday, somewhere in the city. It is a collaboration between Kathryn White & Jonathan Cane. Reservations: Two Hundred Rands only.”

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