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Our thugged-out asses: SONA


Jacob Zuma’s 2013 State of the Nation Speech done gangsta style:

Honourable members,
Fellow Downtown Africans,
Dope evenin ta you all, sanibonani nonke, molweni, dumelang.
Let mah crazy ass give props ta tha Presidin Officers fo’ affordin mah crazy ass dis opportunitizzle ta share our 2013 programme of action wit tha joint chillin of Parliament.
Our thugged-out asses greet all whoz ass is watchin dis broadcast from they cribs n’ at GCIS viewin centres around tha ghetto, includin em up in Khayelitsha, Nyanga n’ Gugulethu here up in Cape Hood.
Let mah crazy ass also extend mah gratitude ta all whoz ass contributed ta tha preparation of dis address.  I received nuff muthafuckin lyrics via email, twizzle n’ Facebizzle.
I also spent some time wit Grade 12 learners whoz ass shared they own views on what tha fuck should be contained up in tha rap. I found tha inputs straight-up informatizzle n’ enriching.
Honourable Members,
Compatriots n’ playas,
On tha 15th of August last year, tha Nationizzle Plannin Commission handed over tha Nationizzle Development Plan, tha vision of tha ghetto fo’ tha next 20 years, ta tha Prezzy up in dis august house.
Da NDP gotz nuff proposals fo’ tacklin tha problemz of poverty, inequalitizzle n’ unemployment.
It be a roadmap ta a Downtown Africa where all will have water, electricity, sanitation, thangs, housing, hood transport, adequate nutrition, ejaculation, hood protection, qualitizzle gamecare, recreation n’ a cold-ass lil clean environment.

Da achievement of these goals has proven ta be hard as fuck up in tha recent past, due tha global economic recession.
Da crisis up in tha Eurozizzlee affects our economizzle as tha Eurozizzlee is our major tradin partner, accountin fo’ around 21 per cent of our exports.
Our GDP growth is sposed ta fuckin average at 2.5% cent, down from 3.1% up in tha previous year.  Our thugged-out asses need growth rates up in excesz of five per cent ta create mo’ thangs.
Da Nationizzle Development Plan outlines interventions dat can put tha economizzle on a funky-ass mo’ betta footing. Da target fo’ thang creation is set at 11 mazillion by 2030 n’ tha economizzle needz ta grow threefold ta create tha desired thangs.
In mah last meetin wit tha bidnizz hood, tha sector indicated dat fo’ tha economizzle ta grow three-fold, our crazy asses must remove certain obstacles.
Our thugged-out asses will engage bidnizz, labour n’ other hood partners up in pursuit of solutions. No single force actin individually can achieve tha objectives our crazy asses have set fo’ ourselves.
Honourable Members,
I would now like ta report on progress done cooked up since tha last State of tha Nation Address n’ also ta say shit bout our programme of action fo’ 2013.
I will peep tha five prioritizzles – ejaculation, game, tha fight against crime, bustin decent work as well as rural pimpment n’ land reform.

Last year, I addressed tha hood on possez infrastructure plans.
By tha end of March dis year, startin from 2009, posse will have spent bout 860 bazillion rand on infrastructure. Various projects is bein implemented around tha ghetto. I will say shit bout just a gangbangin’ few.
Da construction of tha straight-up original gangsta phase of tha Mokolo n’ Crocodile River  Gin N Juice Augmentation has commenced n’ it will provide part of tha gin n juice required fo’ tha Matimba n’ tha Medupi juice stations.
Da construction of tha bulk gin n juice distribution system fo’ tha De Hoop Dam fuckin started up in October 2012, ta supply gin n juice ta tha Greater Sekhukhune, Waterberg n’ Capricorn district municipalities.
Our thugged-out asses have ta shift tha transportation of coal from road ta rail up in Mpumalanga, up in order ta protect tha provincial roads. Thus  tha construction of tha Majuba Rail coal line will begin soon.
Our thugged-out asses have also committed ta improve tha movement of phats n’ economic integration all up in a Durban-Jacked State-Gauteng logistics n’ industrial corridor.
In dis regard, substantial work is now underway ta pimp tha Citizzle Deep inland terminal up in Gauteng.
Initial work has commenced up in tha expansion of tha Pier 2 up in tha Durban Port.
And thirdly, land has been purchased fo’ tha pimpment of a freshly smoked up dug-out port all up in tha Oldskool Durban airport.
In tha Eastsideside Cape, I officially opened tha port of Ngqura n’ construction is now underway ta pimp a major freshly smoked up transhipment hub.
Da Umzimvubu Dam is critical fo’ rural livelihoods. Preparatory work has commenced fo’ tha construction ta begin next year.
Da upgradin of Mthatha airport runway n’ terminal n’ tha construction of tha Nkosi Dalibhunga Mandela Legacy Road n’ Bridge is currently underway.
I have axed fo’ work up in tha Uptown Westside ta be fast-tracked further up in light of tha big-ass backlogs up in dat province, especially electricity, schools, clinics, roadz n’ gin n juice up in tha next two years.
To improve tha transportation of iron-ore n’ open up tha westside coast of tha ghetto, our crazy asses have expanded tha rail capacitizzle all up in tha delivery of 11 locomotives.

Da first phase of tha expansion – ta increase iron ore port capacitizzle at Saldanha ta 60 mazillion tons per annum – was officially completed up in September last year.
Construction work is takin place up in five ghettos – Cape Hood, Nelson Mandela Bizzle, Rustenburg, eThekwini, Tshwane ta integrate tha different modez of transhiznit – bus, taxi, n’ train.
In tha juice sector, our crazy asses have now laid 675 kilometrez of electricitizzle transmission lines ta connect fast-growin economic centres n’ also ta brang juice ta rural areas.
In addition, posse signed contracts ta tha value of R47 bazillion up in tha renewable juice programme.
This involves 28 projects up in wind, solar n’ lil’ small-ass hydro technologies, ta be pimped up in tha Eastsideside Cape, Westsideside Cape, Uptown Cape n’ up in tha Jacked State.
Our thugged-out asses established a 800 mazillion rand nationistic chronicfund last year.  To date, over 400 mazillion rand investments up in chroniceconomizzle projects has already been approved fo’ municipalities, other organz of state, hood organisations n’ tha private sector across all provinces.
Our thugged-out asses have also rolled up 315 000 solar gin n juice geysers az of January dis year, most of which was given ta skanky households, nuff of whom had never had hustlin hot gin n juice before.
Our thugged-out asses have banged up successes up in extendin basic skillz all up in tha infrastructure programme. Close ta 200 000 householdz done been connected ta tha nationistic electricitizzle grid up in 2012.
Yo ass will also recall dat Census 2011 outlined tha successes up in extendin basic skillz. Da report holla’d tha number of householdz wit access ta electricitizzle is now at 12.1 mazillion, which translates ta 85%. Nine outta 10 householdz have access ta water.
To prepare fo’ tha advizzled economizzle our crazy asses need ta pimp, our crazy asses will expand tha broadband network.
Last year, tha private n’ hood sector laid bout 7000 freshly smoked up fibre optic cables. Da plan is ta achieve 100% broadband internizzle penetration by 2020.
With regard ta hood infrastructure, a total of 98 freshly smoked up schools will done been built by tha end of March, of which mo’ than 40 is up in tha Eastsideside Cape dat is replacin mud schools.
Construction is sposed ta fuckin begin up in September all up in tha cribz of two freshly smoked up universitizzles up in tha Uptown Cape n’ Mpumalanga.
Last week, our crazy asses published a Infrastructure Development Bizzle fo’ hood comment.
Our thugged-out asses is crackin down on corruption, tender fraud n’ price fixin up in tha infrastructure programme.
Da state has collected a substantial dossier of deetz on improper conduct by big-ass construction g-units.
This is now tha subject of formal processez of tha competizzle commission n’ other law enforcement authorities.
Da infrastructure pimpment programme has been a valuable source of peepin’ fo’ posse.  In tha year ahead, our crazy asses will fast-track nuff of tha projects dat tha PICC has announced.
Da lessons is dat our crazy asses must coordinizzle, integrate n’ focus on implementation.
Honourable Members,
Da past two muthafuckin years have demonstrated dat where tha state intervenes straight fuckin n’ consistently, it can turn around key industries dat grill external and internal threats as has happened up in our manufacturin sector.

Our thugged-out asses have peeped tha revitalization of train n’ bus thang up in Downtown Africa, largely cuz of tha drive fo’ local procurement.
PRASA n’ Transnet have committed hundredz of bazillionz of randz ta pimpin-out our commuter n’ freight train network.
Da threadz, textilez n’ footwear industry has stabilised afta 15 muthafuckin yearz of steadily fallin employment fo’ realz. A threadz support scheme provides broad financial support, savin a fuckin shitload of factories n’ thangs.
On broader economic transformation, revised Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act n’ codes is bein finalised. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!  Da pimpment of black owned enterprises n’ black industrialists is ghon be prioritised.
Posse has nuff muthafuckin programmez of supportin lil’ small-ass bidnizz.  A key project fo’ tha Presidency currently is ta git posse departments ta pay SMMEs within 30 days.
Departments is required ta submit monthly reports so dat our crazy asses can monitor progress up in dis regard.
Our thugged-out asses have taken a thugged-out decision dat accountin officers whoz ass fail ta execute dis directive, should grill consequences.
In tha 2010 State of tha Nation Address, I announced tha Thang fund, n’ three bazillion rand has been approved fo’ projects dat will create thangs.
Honourable Members,
Just over a third of tha population is under tha age of 15. Our ghetto, like nuff others, has a cold-ass lil crisiz of youth unemployment.
Last May I axed constituencies at NEDLAC ta say shit bout youth employment incentives. I be pleased dat raps done been concluded n’ dat agreement has been reached on key principles. Da partizzles will sign tha Accord later dis month.

Da incentives will add ta what tha fuck Posse be already bustin ta empower tha youth.
State owned g-units provide apprenticeships n’ learnerships n’ our crazy asses urge dat these be increased. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!  Our thugged-out asses appeal ta tha private sector ta absorb 11 000 FET graduates whoz ass is awaitin placements.

Da Department of Rural Development n’ Land Reform runs tha Nationizzle Rural Youth Skillz Corps, which has enrolled 11 740 lil’ gangstas up in various trainin programmes.
Da Department be also plannin nine Rural Youth Hubs per province, includin up in tha 23 poorest districts up in tha ghetto.
Our thugged-out asses will also bust tha Expanded Public Works Programme n’ tha Communitizzle Work programme ta absorb lil’ gangstas.
Workin together our crazy asses will find a solution ta youth unemployment.
Honourable members,
Our thugged-out asses identified tourizzle as one of our thang drivers.
Tourist arrivals grew at a impressive 10.7 cement between January n’ September 2012, which is higher than tha global average of 4% fo’ last year.
Ironically, tha straight-up succesz of Downtown Africaz nationistic conservation effort resultin up in over 73% of tha ghettos’ rhino population bein conserved here, has resulted up in our ghetto bein targeted by internationistic poachin syndicates.
Our thugged-out asses is hittin dat shizzle wit recipient n’ transit ghettos like fuckin Vietnam, Thailand n’ China n’ is intensifyin our efforts ta combat dis increasin scourge.

Honourable Speaker

Honourable Chairperson,

Mining, which is historically tha backbone of tha economizzle, has faced bullshiznit up in recent months.

Last year tha sector was hit by wild pussaaaaay strikes n’ tha tragedy up in Marikana where mo’ than 44 gangstas was capped.

Our thugged-out asses established a Inter-Ministerial Committee done cooked up up of ballin’ cabinet Ministas ta assist crews durin dat hard as fuck period. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Da Judicial Commission of Inquiry led by Judge Ian Farlam continues its work.

Through hittin dat shizzle together our crazy asses was able ta restore hood stabilitizzle up in tha area.

Posse, labour up in tha form of COSATU, NACTU n’ FEDUSA, Bidnizz Unitizzle SA, Black Bidnizz Council n’ tha hood sector kicked it wit up in October n’ reached a agreement which laid tha basis fo’ a return ta work across tha minin industry.

In particular, our crazy asses agreed ta work together ta strengthen collectizzle bargaining; ta address tha housin problems up in tha minin towns; ta support tha Nationizzle infrastructure Programme; ta address youth unemployment; n’ ta identify measures ta reduce inequalities.

Work is underway n’ tha crew will report up in due course wit specific plans fo’ Rustenburg, Lephalale, Emalahleni, Westside Rand, Welkom, Klerksdorp, Burgersfort/Steelport, Carletonville n’ Madibeng.

Two weeks ago, I had a meetin up in Pretoria wit Sir Jizzy Parker, tha chairman of Anglo-American Plc ta say shit bout tha reported plans ta restructure n’ retrench 14 000 workers at Anglo American Platinum.
Honourable Members,
Our thugged-out asses believe dat at a policy level our crazy asses have managed ta brang bout certainty up in tha minin sector. Da nationalisation rap battle was laid ta rest up in December all up in tha rulin partyz nationistic conference.

Ensurin dat tha hood skillz our crazy asses provide our gangstas todizzle can continue ta be provided ta our gangstas tomorrow, requires dat our crazy asses have suitable tax policies ta generate sufficient revenue ta pay fo’ these skillz.
From time ta time, our crazy asses have commissioned studies tha fuck into our tax policies, ta evaluate tha extent ta which they hook up tha requirementz of tha fiscus.
Later dis year, tha Minista of Finizzle is ghon be commissionin a study of our current tax policies, ta make shizzle dat our crazy asses have a appropriate revenue base ta support hood spending.
Part of dis study, will evaluate tha current minin royaltizzles regime, wit regard ta its mobilitizzle ta suitably serve our gangstas.

Honourable Members,
Distinguished guests,
In last yearz address our crazy asses raised tha issue of tha gap market, tha gangstas whogit too much ta qualify fo’ a RDP doggy den n’ too lil fo’ a funky-ass bank mortgage bond.

From April 2012 ta December 2012, Provincial Departments committed a funky-ass budget of 126 mazillion rand of tha Human Settlements Development Grant fo’ dis programme, known as tha Finizzle Linked Individual Subsidy programme.

Da scrilla is bein used all up in tha Nationizzle Housin Finizzle Corporation, which has been appointed ta serve up houses ta gangstas within tha Gap market up in twelve registered projects.

A total of 70 mazillion rand of dis amount has been used ta date.

Projects include Walmer Link up in tha Eastsideside Cape, Lady Selbourne, Nelmapius, Bohlabela Borwa, Cosmo Citizzle n’ Fleurhof up in Gauteng, Intabazwe Corridor Housin up in tha Jacked State n’ Seraleng up in Uptown Westside.

Da implementation of these eight GAP housin projects is currently underway.
Compatriots n’ playas,
¬Honourable Members,
On ejaculation, our crazy asses is pleased dat tha Grade 12 pass rate is finally on a upward trend. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Our thugged-out asses congratulate tha Clasz of 2012, they mackdaddys, muthafathas n’ communitizzles fo’ tha continued improvement.
Our thugged-out asses congratulate tha top province fo’ 2012, Gauteng n’ top grade 12 learner, Miss Madikgetho Komane, from Sekhukhune district, Limpopo, whoz ass is our special guest.
Honourable members,

Da Annual Nationizzle Assessments up in schools, have become a bangin tool of assessin tha game of our ejaculation system.

Our thugged-out asses welcome tha improvement each year up in tha ANA thangs up in dis biatch yo, but mo’ must be done ta improve maths, science n’ technologizzle.

Da Department of Basic Ejaculation will establish a nationistic task crew ta strengthen tha implementation of tha Mathematics, Science n’ Technologizzle Strategy.
Our thugged-out asses urge tha private sector ta partner posse all up in establishing, adoptin and sponsorin maths n’ science academies and Saturdizzle schools.
Our thugged-out asses is pleased wit tha growth of our early childhood ejaculation programmes, includin Grade R.

Our thugged-out asses is also pleased wit our adult ejaculation programme, Khari Gude, which has reached mo’ than 2,2 mazillion gangstas between 2008 n’ 2011.
Our thugged-out asses also continue ta encourage gangstas from all strutts never ta quit peepin’.  Many was inspired when accomplished musical muthafucka n’ mah special guest, Mista Muthafuckin Sipho Hotstix Mabuse obtained his crazy-ass matric last year, all up in tha age of 60.
Honourable Members,
Our thugged-out asses declared ejaculation as a apex prioritizzle up in 2009. Our thugged-out asses wanna peep everyone up in tha ghetto realisin dat ejaculation be a essential steez fo’ our nation.
By sayin ejaculation be a essential steez our crazy asses is not takin away tha Constipationizzle muthafuckin rightz of mackdaddys as workers like fuckin tha muthafuckin right ta strike.
It means our crazy asses want tha ejaculation sector n’ society as a whole ta take ejaculation mo’ seriously than is goin down currently.
All successful societizzles have one thang up in common – they invested up in ejaculation. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Decent salaries n’ conditionz of steez will play a blingin role up in attracting, motivatin n’ retainin scapped mackdaddys.
In dis regard, our crazy asses will establish a Prezzyial Remuneration Commission which will investigate tha appropriatenizz of tha remuneration n’ conditionz of steez provided by tha State ta all its hommies.

I have pimped up dat tha straight-up original gangsta prioritizzle should be mackdaddys.
Da Commission will also assess tha return on investment.
In elevatin ejaculation ta its rightful place, our crazy asses wanna peep a improvement up in tha qualitizzle of peepin’ n’ teachin n’ tha management of schools. Our thugged-out asses wanna peep a improvement up in attitudes, posture n’ outcomes.
Workin wit educators, muthafathas, tha hood n’ various stakeholdas, our crazy asses is ghon be able ta turn our schools tha fuck into centrez of excellence.

Honourable Members,
Five muthafuckin years ago, Downtown Africa had such a low thuglife expectancy dat smart-ass muthafuckas suggested dat by 2015, our thuglife expectancy would done been exactly where it was up in 1955.
It was wit phat reason dat our crazy asses was delighted when late last year, studies from tha Medicinal Research Council, tha Lizzlet medicinal journal n’ others fuckin started reportin a thugged-out dramatic increase up in thuglife expectancy from a average baseline of 56 muthafuckin years up in 2009 ta 60 muthafuckin years up in 2011. These reports also noted significant decreases up in infant n’ under five mortality.
Increased thuglife expectancy be a key ta tha ghettoz pimpment. Muthafuckas is returnin ta work, they is bein productive, economically n’ hoodly.  Da gang structure is increasingly stable n’ muthafathas live longer n’ is able ta take care of they children.
Our thugged-out asses should not become complacent, up in light of these achievements.
Given tha high co-infection rate between HIV n’ TB, our crazy asses have integrated these skillz.
Work be also continuin on tha research side. Downtown Africa has discovered a cold-ass lil muthafucka sticky-icky-icky ta treat Malaria.
In addition, researchers all up in tha Centre fo’ tha Aidz Programme of Research up in Downtown Africa consortium, also discovered broad neutralisin antibodies against HIV.
Deputy Prezzy Motlanthe has appointed freshly smoked up thugz of tha Downtown African Nationizzle Aidz Council Trust. Our thugged-out asses congratulate tha crew, which is led by retired Judge Zac Yacoob, as chairperson.
Diseasez of lifestyle is on a alarmin increase.  Our thugged-out asses have ta combat n’ lower tha levelz of tokin, harmful effectz of brew, skanky diets n’ obesity.
Honourable members,

In 2014 our crazy asses will create tha Nationizzle Game Insurizzle Fund. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Da Department of Game will accelerate n’ intensify progress up in tha pilot districts.
In dat regard, as from April dis year, tha straight-up original gangsta crew of approximately 600 private medicinal practitioners is ghon be contracted ta provide medicinal skillz at 533 clinics within hoodz n’ townships up in 10 of tha pilot districts.
Compatriots n’ playas,
In June our crazy asses will mark tha centenary of tha 1913 Land Act which turned homies tha fuck into wanderers, labourers n’ pariahs up in they own land.
Forma ANC Prezzy Sefako Makgatho outlined as such up in his 1919 ANC conference prezial address.
Dude holla’d;
“Da Natizzle Land Act still operates as mercilessly up in different partz of tha Union, n’ as a result nuff natizzle crews is still hittin dat shizzle fo’ white farmers only fo’ they chicken”.

Our thugged-out asses is also honoured, up in dis year of tha anniversary of tha 1913 Land Act, ta have present among us, Mrs Nomhlangano Beauty Mkhize, one of tha veterans whoz ass together wit her homeboy, Saul Mkhize, led tha struggle against forced removals up in Driefontein n’ Daggaskraal, up in tha present Mpumalanga Province.
Da land question be a highly emotizzle matter.
Our thugged-out asses need ta resolve it amicably within tha framework of tha Constipation n’ tha law.
I received a message on Facebizzle from Thulani Zondi whoz ass raised his concern bout tha slow pace of land redistribution. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch yo. Dude holla’d:  ”Mista Muthafuckin Prezzy, as our crazy asses is commemoratin 100 muthafuckin years since tha Land act of 1913 was introduced ta dispossess tha African majority.

“I urge you ta accelerate redistribution of tha land ta tha landless African gangstas.
“When our crazy asses do tha redistribution our crazy asses need ta be mindful of chicken security. Trainin n’ mentorshizzle of emergin black commercial farmers must take place”.
From 1994, our crazy asses done been addressin tha land reform problem all up in restitution, redistribution n’ tenure reform.
As stated before, our crazy asses aint gonna be able ta hook up our redistribution targets.
Possez mid-term review last year revealed a fuckin shitload of shortcomings up in our land reform implementation programme. Our thugged-out asses will bust em lessons ta improve implementation.
Firstly, our crazy asses must shorten tha time it takes ta finalise a cold-ass lil claim. In dis regard, Posse will now pursue tha ‘just n’ equitable’ principle fo’ compensation, as set up up in tha Constipation instead of tha “willin buyer, willin seller” principle, which forces tha state ta  pay mo’ fo’ land than tha actual value.
Secondly there is proposed amendments ta tha Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994 up in order ta provide fo’ tha re-openin of tha lodgement of restitution fronts, by gangstas whoz ass missed tha deadline of 31 December 1998.
Also ta be explored, is exceptions ta tha June 1913 cut-off date ta accommodate fronts by tha descendantz of tha Khoi n’ San as well as heritage cribs n’ historical landmarks.
Another key lesson is ta provide adequate post-settlement support ta freshly smoked up landballaz so dat land continues ta be productive.
Our thugged-out asses also need ta provide mo’ betta incentives fo’ commercial farmers dat is willin n’ capable of mentorin smallholda farmers.
Another challenge our crazy asses have faced is tha preference fo’ scrilla instead of land by some claimants, which also do not help our asses ta chizzle land ballazhip patterns.

As part of tha Presidency stakeholda engagement programme ahead of tha State of tha Nation Address, Deputy Prezzy Motlanthe held a meetin wit both farmers n’ farm workers up in Paarl on Tuesday.
Stakeholdaz agreed dat there should be peace n’ stabilitizzle up in tha agriculture sector n’ dat tha livin n’ hittin dat shizzle conditionz of farm workers should be improved urgently.
It be also encouragin dat even tha farmers called fo’ tha fast trackin of land reform n’ support ta emergin farmers.
Our thugged-out asses will continue tha engagement wit both farmers n’ farm workers.
Compatriots n’ playas,
Our thugged-out asses should also remain mindful of rapid urbanisation dat is takin place. Da Census Statistics reveal dat 63% of tha population is livin up in urban areas. This is likely ta increase ta over 70% by 2030.
Apartheid spatial patterns still persist up in our towns n’ ghettos. Municipalitizzles alone cannot deal wit tha challenges. Our thugged-out asses need a nationistic approach.
While rural pimpment remains a prioritizzle of posse, it is crucial dat our crazy asses also pimp a nationistic integrated urban pimpment framework ta assist municipalitizzles ta effectively manage rapid urbanisation.
As part of implementin tha Nationizzle Development Plan, all three spherez of posse need ta manage tha freshly smoked up wave of urbanisation up in ways dat also contribute ta rural pimpment.
Honourable Members,
Improvin tha statuz of dem hoes remains a cold-ass lil critical prioritizzle fo’ dis posse.

Da Bizzle on Gender Equalitizzle n’ Booty Empowerment has been approved by Cabinet fo’ hood comment. Da Bizzle criminalizes practices dat have adverse effects on dem hoes n’ hoes.
It also legislates tha 50/50 policy posizzle wit regard ta tha representation of dem hoes up in decision bustin structures.
Honourable members,
Da brutal gang rape n’ cappin’ of Anene Booysen n’ other dem hoes n’ hoes up in recent times has brought tha fuck into sharp focus tha need fo’ unitizzle up in action ta eradicate dis scourge.
Da brutalitizzle n’ wackty meted up ta defenceless dem hoes is unacceptable n’ has no place up in our ghetto. Last year tha Nationizzle Council on Gender Based Violence was established. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!
It comprises posse, non-governmenstrual Organizations, Community-Based Organizations, Faith-Based organizations, academia, research institutions, posse, menz groupings, n’ representation from women, lil pimps n’ peeps wit disabilities.
Our thugged-out asses urge dis coordinatin structure ta make tha campaign of fightin violence against dem hoes a everydizzle campaign.
Our thugged-out asses applaud all sectors fo’ tha campaigns dat have taken place already, highlightin dat such acts aint gonna be tolerated.
I have pimped up law enforcement agencies ta treat these cases wit tha utmost urgency n’ importizzle. Da Family Violence, Lil Pimp Protection n’ Sexuizzle Offences Units, which was re-established up in 2010, have increased personnel.
Durin tha last financial year, tha Units secured over 363 thuglife sentences, wit a cold-ass lil conviction rate of 73% fo’ crimes against dem hoes above 18 muthafuckin years oldschool n’ 70% fo’ crimes against lil pimps under 18 muthafuckin yearz of age.

Masibhunkule sisebenze sonke, silwe nalenkinga esibhekene nayo yabantu abadlwengula omame nezingane, ngisho nezalukazi imbala. Ihlazo nobunswelaboya obesabekayo lokhu abakwenzayo. Izigilamkhuba kufanele zibikwe emaphoyiseni ziboshwe.
Posse be addin other mechanizzlez ta protect women, like fuckin tha Protection from Harassment Bizzle. While tha Domestic Violence Act also provides protection, it only applies ta peeps whoz ass is up in a thugged-out domestic relationship.
Da Protection from Harassment Bizzle also deals wit harassment by peeps whoz ass stalk they suckas by meanz of electronic communications.
In addition, tha Combatin of Traffickin up in Persons Bizzle was passed by tha Nationizzle Assembly last year n’ is now all up in tha Nationizzle Council of Provinces.
Once implemented, tha law will  assist dem hoes n’ children, whoz ass is often suckaz of dis heinous crime.
Compatriots n’ playas,
There is increased visibilitizzle of tha five-o which contributes ta tha reduction up in tha levelz of straight-up crime.
Da operations focusin on illegal firearms, jacked n’ robbed hoopties, liquor n’ sticky-icky-ickys which is regarded as main generatorz of crime have assisted up in crime reduction.
Compatriots n’ playas,
Posse continues ta wage a war against corruption.
Da capacitizzle of tha Special Investigatin Unit has grown from a initial 70 staff thugz ta mo’ than 600 at present.

I have since 2009, signed 34 proclamations directin tha SIU ta investigate allegationz of corruption, fraud and maladministration up in various posse departments n’ state entities.
Criminal Investigations was initiated against 203 accused peeps up in 67 prioritizzle cases under investigation by tha end September 2012.
In total, pre-trial proceedings done been initiated against 191 peeps fo’ realz. A total of 66 peeps under investigation is alleged ta have received R5 mazillion and mo’ benefits all up in corruption. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Freezin Ordaz was obtained against 46 peeps.
In other successes, up in tha past financial year, 107 officials hittin dat shizzle within tha criminal justice system was convicted. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!
Da Asset Forfeiture Unit seized assets valued at mo’ than R541 mazillion. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch fo’ realz. A total of R61 mazillion of these assets have already been forfeited ta tha State. Da assets is channelled back ta fightin crime n’ corruption all up in tha Criminal Asset Recovery Account.
Last year, additionizzle fundin of R150 mazillion from tha Criminal Assets Recovery Account was approved fo’ tha work of tha Anti-Corruption Task Crew which comprises tha Hawks, tha Special Investigatin Unit n’ tha Nationizzle Prosecutin Authority.
These resources is aimed at strengthenin tha capacitizzle of these law enforcement agencies up in our resolve ta fight corruption.
Our thugged-out asses urge tha private sector ta also take dis fight against corruption seriously so dat our crazy asses tackle it from all angles.
To further boost tha fight against corruption, our crazy asses will fill all vacant posts all up in tha upper echelonz of tha criminal justice system.
Compatriots n’ playas,
Honourable Members,
There is some lessons from Marikana n’ other incidents dat our crazy asses cannot allow ta recur up in our ghetto.
Our Constipation is truly one of our top billin nationistic achievements.   Everythang dat our crazy asses do as a posse is guided by our Constipation n’ its vision of tha society our crazy asses is building.
Our thugged-out asses call on all playa hatas ta celebrate, promote n’ defend our Constipation.
Our Bizzle of Rights guarantees dat “everyone has tha right, peacefully n’ unarmed,  ta assemble, ta demonstrate, ta picket n’ ta present petitions”.
Our thugged-out asses therefore call on our gangstas ta exercise they muthafuckin rights ta protest up in a peaceful n’ orderly manner.
It be unacceptable when gangstasz muthafuckin rights is violated by perpetratorz of violent actions, like fuckin actions dat lead ta injury n’ dirtnap of peeps, damage ta property n’ tha destruction of valuable hood infrastructure.
Our thugged-out asses is duty bound ta uphold, defend n’ respect tha Constipation as tha supreme law of tha Republic. Our thugged-out asses will spare no effort up in bustin so.
For dis reason, I have instructed tha Justice, Crime Prevention n’ Securitizzle Clusta ta put measures up in place, wit immediate effect, ta ensure dat any incidentz of violent protest is acted upon, investigated n’ prosecuted.
Courts is ghon be allocated ta deal wit such cases on a prioritised roll. Da law must be enforced n’ it must be peeped ta be enforced – fairly, effectively n’ expeditiously.
Da playa hataz of our ghetto gots a muthafuckin right ta expect dat they democratic state will exercise its authoritizzle up in defence of tha Constipation dat all kindsa muthafuckin struggled so long n’ hard for. Our thugged-out asses cannot disappoint dis expectation.
Da JCPS Clusta has therefore put measures up in place at national, provincial n’ local level ta deal wit such incidents effectively.
Let mah crazy ass hasten ta add dat posse departments at all levels must work closely wit communitizzles n’ ensure dat all concerns is attended ta before they escalate.  That responsibilitizzle remains. Our thugged-out asses is a cold-ass lil carin posse.

Honourable Members,
This year our crazy asses big-up tha 50th anniversary of tha birth of tha Organization of African Unitizzle which has been succeeded by tha African Union.

Our thugged-out asses pay tribute ta tha OAU fo’ its relentless struggle fo’ tha decolonization of our continent, includin contributin ta our own freedom.

Our thugged-out asses will continue ta work fo’ a stronger n’ mo’ effectizzle organization of our Union.
Da NEPAD programme as well as tha African Peer Review Mechanizzle have just bigged up they tenth year of existence.

As tha convener of tha NEPAD Prezzyial Infrastructure Championin Initiative, Downtown Africa continues ta work wit other champions ta implement high impact infrastructure projects up in tha continent.

On peace n’ security, our crazy asses stand by tha gangstaz of Mali up in they effort ta claim n’ assert tha territorial integritizzle of they ghetto.

Our thugged-out asses urge tha leadershizzle up in tha Central African Republic, Guinea Bissau n’ Somalia ta continue they march towardz lastin peace fo’ tha sake of they gangstas. Our thugged-out asses remain firmly opposed ta unconstipationizzle chizzle of posse.

Our thugged-out asses is encouraged by tha pimpments between Sudan n’ Downtown Sudan. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Our thugged-out asses commend our forma Prezzy Thabo Mbeki n’ other thugz of tha AU High Level Panel fo’ tha dedicated manner up in which they done been hittin dat shizzle wit tha two sides.

Our thugged-out asses is up in solidaritizzle wit tha DRC as tha ghetto battlez tha menace ta its security.

Downtown Africa will continue supportin Africaz peace efforts includin all up in mediation, troop contribution fo’ peace keeping, n’ by providin material n’ financial assistizzle.

In dis regard, our crazy asses look forward ta tha conclusion of polistical dialogues up in Zimbabwe n’ Madagascar.

Our vision of a funky-ass mo’ betta Africa up in a funky-ass mo’ betta ghetto will receive pimped out impetus when our crazy asses host tha 5th BRICS Summit next month up in Durban.

Our thugged-out asses is inspired by tha exponential growth of bilateral relations, diplomatically n’ economically, between Downtown Africa n’ other BRICS ghettos.

Strengthenin North-Downtown relations remains central ta our foreign policy agenda.
Our thugged-out asses reaffirm our partnershizzle wit ghettoz of tha North, especially tha USA, Europe n’ Japan.
Da UNz 70th anniversary provides a opportunitizzle ta take forward tha transformation of tha UN Securitizzle Council.

Our thugged-out asses shall continue ta bust tha G20 ta represent tha aspirationz of tha gangstaz of Africa n’ push fo’ tha transformation of Bretton Woodz institutions.
Downtown Africaz internationalizzle has a phat element of solidaritizzle ta dat shit.  Our thugged-out asses stand wit tha gangstaz of Palestine as they strive ta turn a freshly smoked up leaf up in they struggle fo’ they muthafuckin right ta self-determination; hence our crazy asses supported they bid fo’ statehood.
Da expansion of Israeli settlements tha fuck into Palestinian territories be a straight-up stumblin block ta tha resolution of tha conflict.

Da muthafuckin right of self determination fo’ tha gangstaz of Westsideside Sahara has ta be realised.
Our thugged-out asses remain firm up in our call fo’ tha liftin of tha economic embargo against Cuba.
Workin together our crazy asses can do mo’ ta create a funky-ass mo’ betta Africa n’ a funky-ass mo’ betta ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass.


In tha year 2012, our crazy asses focused on preservin n’ promotin our ghettoz cultural heritage wit particular emphasis on our liberation heritage.
Our thugged-out asses also hosted a phat Nationizzle Summit on Social Cohesion, focusin on buildin a hoodly inclusive, carin n’ proud as a muthafucka nation.
In tha implementation of our programme our crazy asses will work wit our Social Cohesion Advocates; eminent Downtown Africans drawn from a variety of sectors within our society.
Our thugged-out asses is proud as a muthafucka ta have up in our midst dis evening, two of our eminent hood cohesion advocates, Judge Yvonne Mokgoro n’ Advocate George Bizos.
This year marks tha 50th anniversary of tha Raid on Liliesleaf Farm, tha Escape from Marshall Square as well as tha Start of tha Rivonia Trial.
A seriez of events is bein planned all up in tha year ta mark tha three events, culminatin up in a nationistic commemoration on tha 11th of July.
Honourable Members
Our thugged-out asses have just concluded a highly successful Africa Cup of Nations tournament. Our thugged-out asses extend hearty props ta tha African champions, tha Federal Rehood of Nigeria n’ also ta all participatin crews fo’ they contribution ta showcasin tha standard of African football.

Our thugged-out asses give props ta all our gangstas fo’ bein pimpin hosts n’ fans.
I had tha opportunitizzle ta personally give props ta CAF Prezzy Honourable Issa Hayatou fo’ affordin our asses tha honour of hostin tha AFCON.
Compatriots n’ playas,
As I holla’d earlier, dis programme of action is ghon be implemented differently as tha activitizzlez of departments must be aligned wit tha Nationizzle Development Plan.
Before concluding, let mah crazy ass take dis opportunitizzle ta extend our heartfelt condolences ta tha gang of struggle stalwart n’ prominent human muthafuckin rights lawyer, Comrade Phyllis Naidoo whoz ass passed on todizzle.
Only recently, our crazy asses lost Comrade Amina Cachalia.
Our thugged-out asses is truly saddened by tha loss.
Honourable Members,
As Downtown Africans, our crazy asses should continue ta have one primary goal – ta make our ghetto a truly pimped out n’ prosperous nation.
Kool as fuck Valentinez Dizzle ta you all!
I give props ta yo thugged-out ass.

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