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Minor rant


Normally, I’d save this stuff for a column, but I feel like ranting in a space where I don’t have to be too careful about crossing my Is and dotting my Ts. And where I can say simple things, and not worry about the fact that they’re not unusual – that many people will be saying the same things.

So… stuff that’s got to me this week. Well, the whole idea that only white people care about rhinos is one. It’s such racist bullshit. About as bad as saying that all black people play the race card. In both cases, you’re belittling the actions of people who are having genuine issues about the world they live in. You’re also insulting just about everyone. And as a byproduct, you’re stopping the work of people trying to save our environment, because you’re now making it a racially charged issue. Why can’t people just decide to support whatever cause they want? And that notorious white animal lover, Mavuso Msimang, the rhino expert in our department of environmental affairs, might just have a thing or two to say about it as well.

This is a hipster penguin. Obviously.


Then there’s the furore around the nude shots of one of those British princes, whose name I can never remember. The whole idea of royalty is so absurd as it is, but this just adds icing to the scrotum. Why shouldn’t a 27-year-old get naked in Vegas? Because he’s royalty? What the hell is royalty? It’s not like he’s a politician or anything. He’s a role model for people who want to have loads of servants, get given money for dressing up in funny clothes, and have people bow down to them for no reason at all except that they’re servile idiots. Yes, Prince Whatsisname could actually be a hip hop star. And nobody minds them getting their dicks out.

And lastly, I’m sick of people on Twitter who tell me, or people I follow, to lighten up about stuff and not care so much. Really? You think that being angry about injustices is silly, and that the way to combat those injustices is to adopter a hipsterish pose of disaffection, to yawn languidly and claim to be above these petty issue? Don’t you understand the difference between being cool, and being stone cold dead? I don’t want to live in a world where people think it’s unfashionable to care about the people and world around you. I do want to live in a world with cool people, but I want them to be cool people with brains.

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