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The best 10 things I’ve eaten this year


Okay, this is actually the best 10 things I’ve eaten this year that I took pictures of. There’s been good stuff, but alas, uncaptured by camera. Reminds me of the opening of the Design Indaba talk by René Redzepi, chef at Noma, the world’s ­number one restaurant. “A chef creates something that turns to shit in 24 hours. Or a memory that lasts forever.” So here are some of the memories, courtesy of iPhone. Ten dishes/drinks.

To start your evening, a cucumber martini at the Mezza9 Martini Bar at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. I had to go and buy some long pants at a shop before they'd let me in here. The freshness of the cucumber and the stark clean taste of the Hendricks gin were perfectly matched. Drunk? In minutes.


An absolutely delicious steak tartare at The Leopard, in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Great ingredients, fun to smoosh up, and tasting both rich and fresh at the same time.


The artisanal chocolate at Honest, in Wale St, Cape Town. Beautiful packaging, interesting flavours (this one is mint-filled). It's in an old ex-funeral parlour. So obviously I made the Death by Chocolate joke.

Straight from the sea, chucked on the braai, charred fish in Bali.

Crayfish risotto made by @katewilsonza. I at least got to griddle the tails. Best risotto I've ever tasted.

A beef and pork belly hero, with crab mayo and coriander. At Ma Peche, a David Chang restaurant in New York, behind one of his Milkbars. $10. I could eat half a dozen at a time.

Watermelon infused with sake, with lemon and lime zest. At The Pot Luck Club in Woodstock, Cape Town. Fruit, but with an edge of evil.

Awesome chocolate rice pudding from Rice To Riches in New York. I did a mini-review, just search on this blog.

Basic cheeseburger at a Shake Shack, New York. Damn fine milkshakes too.

Classic martini at Pegu, NYC, with @capejason. Love the fact that they give you some of the martini in a jug surrounded by ice.

  1. Lovely list – just wish there were more Joburg options for me to check out!

  2. I’ll do a joburg list. need to get out more.

  3. So happy to see that steak tartare from The Leopard – I battle to find good steak tartare in Joburg. Had a great one at Browns on Rivonia. Had a shocker at Rich in the Bedford centre! Ambre, Italian try Assaggi in Illovo, Another great Italian and great all rounder is La Campagnola at the Hobart Centre (just above the fabulous Junipas for an awesome breakfast or lunch!)
    As Chris said The Leopard has great food as well. The Hilton in Sandton makes a very good mushroom risotto. An old favourite is still Saigon on Rivonia Morningside. Would also like to see some more lekker local dishes Chris :)

  4. some great recommendations here, I’m definitely up for trying La Campagnola. If I can find it.

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