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Rice to Riches


I stumbled across this amazing store selling delicious rice puddings, in different flavours. Very modern, great packaging, and the kind of service that is usuall y described as ‘buzzy’, but which is much nicer than that sounds. With flavours like SEX DRUGS AND ROCKY ROAD, POSSESSED BY ESPRESSO WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS, FLUENT IN FRENCH TOAST, PERFECTLY LEGAN PECAN PIE and HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE BEAR HUG, it’s a dream destination for anyone with a love of rich, creamy rice pudding.

The outside of the store is as perfectly conceptualised as the food, with the curves of the facade complimenting the curves of the bowls, and indeed the lush roundness of the rice puddings themselves.

I had the CHOCOLATE CHIP FLIRT, and it was delicious. But the packaging really got me, a shiny plastic bowl with a curvaceous spoon. So organic looking, it made the pudding taste even better.

Rice to Riches is at 37 Spring Street, New York.NY 10012.


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