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Blogs 4 Free Press


A call by Sipho Hlongwane for bloggers to join in the protest against the jackboot tactics the ANC Youth League are employing to try and destroy the freedom of the press.

Bloggers For a Free Press

I’m sure you’re aware by now of the slander campaign launched by the ANC Youth League’s spokesperson Nyiko Floyd Shivambu against journalists they perceive to be against the Youth League. This campaign is especially directed against City Press journalist Dumisani Lubisi. You’ll remember that he was instrumental in exposing Julius Malema’s interests in various companies.


Floyd Shivambu. "You want some of this? Huh? You want some?"

The move taken by the ANCYL is disturbing, especially their response to the letter written by 19 of the country’s most influential political journalists, asking the ANC to distance itself from the actions of the Youth League and Floyd Shivambu, where they basically told these journalists to sod off. More than that, Shivambu then threatened the journalists who refused to run his slanderous story.

This is a definite step towards dictatorial rule. I for one, am not willing to sit idly by as people in our ruling party flagrantly infringe on media freedom and other Constitutional rights.

I’ve invited a number of South African bloggers to publish a message to the ANC and the Youth League on Wednesday, condemning the actions of Shivambu and calling on them to distance themselves from such practices. We also reminds the ANC of the vital role played by the the press in the liberation struggle.

If you’re a South African blogger and are interested in joining, then drop me an email at Alternately, you can reach me on Twitter (@ComradeSipho). I’ll fill you in with further details and put you on the SpeakZA mailing list.

If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag is #SpeakZA. Let’s get the word out there.

Sipho Hlongwane

And if I can add to Sipho’s post – the ANCYL-biters might think, stupidly, that they can control the mainstream press, but they have absolutely  no chance whatsoever of understanding, let alone controlling, bloggers and social media writers. So mail Sipho at, and join with us in putting down a marker for online freedom of the press, as well as registering our disapproval of the moronic tactics of the ANCYL.

Chris Roper
[Read the letter from journalists, and the ANCYL's amazingly mature response]

  1. I’ll do it!

  2. Original Cin says:

    I’m in.

  3. Thanks, people. Sipho will be pleased.

  4. I’ll do it too. Just give me an angle I can work with. I have not posted anything in my opinion section for ages.

  5. Hi Henno. Mail Sipho, and he’ll help you out with some copy.

  6. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that we’ll be giving them even MORE free publicity. I’m already so sick and tired of reading their about shenanigans in the media. Do you think this is a good thing?

  7. Thanks Chris. Done. Awaiting reply :)

  8. Consider it done! Just waiting for feedback from Cde Sipho :P

  9. I’m in as well!!!!

  10. Thanks Michelle – and everyone else.

  11. You can count me in.

  12. and I…

    I shall read them all.

    being temporarily blogless.

  13. Stuart Robertson says:

    Alas, i am in Englandshire, but i’ll send cyber support.

  14. So in. The only thing that makes me want to start smoking again is hearing Malema’s name. FFS.

  15. Stii, I hate that byproduct too – giving the idiots airtime. But it’s a war, I’m afraid. We can’t opt out. We have to take them on. If we ignore it, they’ll own the platform for talking to South Africa. We HAVE to constantly refute, criticise, and – in the unlikely event that the ANCYL will ever consider rational debate – engage with them.

  16. Count me in.

  17. I’ve received quite a few disturbing death threats from malemas cronies, they seem to have gone quiet so that needs to change.

    Contacting Sipho immediatly to run this on Moral Fibre.

  18. Thanks Vincent, spread the word.

  19. Thanks Al – let the bloggie people know.

  20. itoldgoodcharlieiamin!

  21. Fok Floyd. Ek is ook in.

  22. Done!

    Mailed the comrade, waiting for reply.

  23. Count me in too!

  24. Thanks Chris, makes sense… contacted Sipho so lets make some noise!

  25. I’m in-my engine is revving!

  26. I’m in.

  27. Let’s hope we don’t receive death threats about this, but we have to voice our opinions about this

  28. While I missed the cut off time, I still blogged my support.
    All the best with this!

  29. I just saw this now, but I’m supporting it too!

  30. Hi Chris,

    About bloody time…

    I’m in.

  31. I’m enjoying the #SpeakZA campaign. It’s about time that someone stood up to these people. Well done!

  32. Colleen Figg says:

    I’m in, but am I too late?

  33. I am in too, even if it is too late for yesterday.

    We can always fight for free speech rights, can’t we?

  34. I’m so in – I did it on the 25th.

  35. Jammer ek het nog nie ‘n blog gehad toe die gebeur het nie. Fok vir Floyd, ek sou ook in gewees het.


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